True Life in these Troubled Times

True Life in these Troubled Times by Jeff G. Graham

Do you long for hope and love in your life? Are you confused about how to find security in a world full of uncertainty, corruption, and pain? Author Jeff G. Graham shows you how to discover the peace you long for with True Life in These Troubled Times: Finding Truth in an Uncertain World.God’s great love for mankind led Him to send His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to fulfill man’s most urgent need: to have a meaningful, loving relationship with Him. With honesty and clarity, Graham looks at real-life issues and delves into nurturing the perfect relationship with the One who created you.Graham also argues that the Bible is the word of God and not simply a book full of religious beliefs. Only the Bible contains the fulfilled prophesies of the land of Israel and Jesus Christ. In addition, the Bible demonstrates God’s great love for man and shows why a life without a relationship with God is meaningless.In these perilous times, people need purpose and rest. Both of these can be found in Jesus Christ. Let True Life in These Troubled Times help you find your way to Him!